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Welcome To Student Guard

Travel Healthcare Insurance Solutions Inc. operates as StudentGuard™ Health Insurance and GlobalGuard™ International. We are the premier providers of quality healthcare insurance to the International Market.

StudentGuard™ is our flagship line of comprehensive health insurance products for international students who are studying in Canada and outside of Canada, as well as teachers and participants in exchange and co-op programs.

We encourage everyone who is studying or working outside his or her home country to ensure that they have health insurance coverage in place at the time they make placement arrangements. We are confident that you will find that StudentGuard™ provides the comprehensive coverage that you require.

Since 1994, we have continually worked to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering superior service, comprehensive policy benefits and fast efficient claims processing that continue to surpass industry standards.

Local offices are located in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Sao Paolo, Brazil. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients. This includes personal visits by our service representatives, and a commitment to efficient, timely processing of your requests by our administration staff and our claims staff.

You tell us what you need, and we will work with you to create the system and product that you want. We always put your needs and priorities first.

That’s what sets us apart. That’s the StudentGuard™ difference.


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