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Welcome To Isango

Isango! is an ambitious young company launched in October 2006. We offer both consumers and travel professionals an authoritative source of exciting and colorful experiences. Holiday tours, sightseeing, attractions, activities and best things to do in more than 50 countries across the world…to plan and book ahead. Isango! finds everything you need to make your travel experience unforgettable.

Our Dream:
We, like you, are travellers who have come to expect that the online sites ought to offer much more than telling us what the best price is to get from A to B, or giving us a list of hotels in a particular city. There have got to be sites like that... but we think that online travel should move to the next level.

We believe we travel to do things, find out about cultures, people, places and see what the world has to offer. How many times have we come back raving about the great flight we had? Perhaps not that often… because we come back and talk about what we did there, how great the safari was, the fascinating drive through the wineries, or simply the great boat ride that we had. We talk about experiences.That is the purpose of our travel, that is why we board the flight, and endure it all the way, in the first place

This is where we felt online sources were not helping much. First, to tell you all about a destination - the stuff you need to know to ‘understand’ a place, and have a complete view of the experiences you can find over there. Then, to bring those products together under one roof for you to plan and book in the most convenient way.

Our History:
Our journey began in mid 2005 when the founders decided to give up the comforts of the corporate world and plunge into our shared dream. Soon we were turning our simple vision into a concrete action plan. Our ambitions were fuelled further with the overdose of caffeine that comes with starting operations out of Starbucks. The idea proved infectious. Before we knew it, we had grown into a global team of driven professionals, joined by our passion for experience-led travel.

Using the mix of experiences gained in leadership roles in some of the largest names in online travel, best practices learnt in strategy consulting and in some of the most respected corporations, the Isango! team has built the largest collection of enriching experiences around the world, and provides you with easy access to, what once were, hard-to-book products.

Why isango!
Why indeed! Let us give you the reasons exactly Why isango!


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