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Welcome To Get Mapping plc

Who is Getmapping?
Getmapping is a public limited company which leads the market for aerial photography of Britain. Getmapping has created the most comprehensive and detailed aerial photographic survey of the UK, called the Millennium Mapô.

What is the Millennium Mapô?
The Millennium Mapô is the name given to the complete and seamless high definition aerial photograph of the United Kingdom. The Millennium Map is flown at an average resolution of 15cm per pixel. The photography is flown to the most demanding professional standards in full stereo (which means that accurate height information can be derived from the photography). The Millennium Map is also fully rectified so that it is geographically accurate to within 1 metre.

Getmapping has developed an excellent web service which allows users to access the Millennium Map online in real time.

As well as the Millennium Map photography, Getmapping provides:
Height Data - Intermapís NEXTMap Britain
OS Mapping Ė MasterMap as well as smaller-scale maps
Oblique photography and 3D modelling
Training and consultancy in all aspects of aerial photography and mapping.

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