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Welcome To eDreams UK

eDreams is the online travel specialist and the leader in Southern Europe:
eDreams is the leading online travel agency in Southern Europe. Its head-office is situated in Barcelona, Spain and it has also office in Italy. It focuses on offering the best selection of flights, hotels and vacation packages through the use of innovative search, packaging and booking engines via its websites (in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German). Clients are offered all these services in a comfortable, simple manner through state-of-the-art booking and search engine technology. They include traditional airline and low cost flights, offering the best prices in the market to its clients.

More than six million clients have reserved their hotels, flights and holiday package deals at eDreams since the company first started its activities. eDreams is the largest online travel agency in terms of sales in Southern Europe.

A success story:
eDreams was founded in March 1999 in Silicon Valley by Javier Pérez Tenessa (Spanish) and James Hare (American) with the support of European and American financial groups like DCM –Doll Capital Management, Apax Partners, Atlas Venture et 3i Group, among others.

In October 2006, TA Associates, a leading buyout and private equity firm in the USA and Europe, bought out eDreams for 153 million euros. This was the first LBO (Leveraged Buy Out) in southern Europe’s internet history.

Founded in 1968, TA Associates is one of the oldest and largest private equity firms in the world. Settled in Boston, Menlo Park and London, they are equipped with a $10 billion capital base and have invested in more than 370 companies. TA Associates is specialized in “Growth Equity” operations, “Leveraged Recapitalization” and “Management Buy-outs” in technology, financial and business services, healthcare, and consumer industries.

Highlights in the eDreams’ story:
1999 : Creation of eDreams in Silicon Valley.
2000 :Websites launched in Spain and Italy. 4 months later, eDreams was nº26 of the top 100 best ecommerce           companies in Europe. (Data of the study published in The Sunday Time and KPMG, 2000).
2001 :eDreams won the first price for the best enterprise experience in Spain.
2003 :eDreams bought out the Italian company www.travelonline.it and became the largest travel agency in Italy.           eDreams became then the leader in Southern Europe.
2006 :In April, eDreams launched its French website, www.edreams.fr. In December, eDreams sales exceed €300           million representing 31.5% of the travel agency sector (in terms of number of tickets sold in December 2006).
2007 :In April, eDreams launched the website in English, www.edreams.com, in May, the website in Portuguese,           www.edreams.pt and in September the website in German, www.edreams.de.

Activities - Travel agency:
In 1999, eDreams launched its main activities, a wide offer of online flights, hotels and travel packages. The company is now leading the Spanish and Italian online travel market with more than 6 million registered clients and €300 million sales.

Marketing and advertising services:
eDreams is one of the most popular website in Southern Europe. More than 250.000 people visit one of its websites everyday. Many companies have been interested by this success and consider eDreams’ websites as a very good medium for their advertising campaigns. Over 500 companies now work with eDreams.

eDreams offers you Best price:
Instant price check: powerful, specialized search engines allow you to compare and combine a whole range of fare options from traditional and low cost airlines while you are online. eDreams offers better prices than the airlines' own internet sites and up to 80% reductions on the prices quoted by traditional travel agencies. By offering flights from as little as €10, eDreams gives everyone the opportunity to make their travel dreams come true.

First-class service:
Market surveys and satisfaction studies carried out among airline users put eDreams in the lead when it comes to service and product quality.

Buying in eDreams is secure: eDreams is a financially sound company whose primary objective is to satisfy its client. In addition, eDreams uses advanced data encryption technology to guarantee that your purchase is secure. Every transaction is carried out by means of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption, which encodes all your personal data (password, address, telephone number, credit card number, etc.) so that it is impossible for any third party to decode them. This system guarantees that internet transactions benefit from maximum security and confidentiality. Thanks to these security guarantees, 6 million clients have already put their trust in eDreams.

Where to find us:

eDreams in English

eDreams Spain
European Headquarters
601 World Trade Center Nord
Moll de Barcelona s/n
08039 Barcelona

eDreams in France

eDreams Germany
Graf-Adolf-Platz 15
40213 Düsseldorf

eDreams Italy
via Boscovich, 14
20124 Milan

eDreams Portugal
16 Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro
Lisbon, 1200

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